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T & G Epay Decking

Installing tongue and groove Epay is a breeze. The custom-milled T&G profile is pretty much plug-and-play. Before you know it, your new sunroom will be finished and ready to be enjoyed right away. As you can see from the picture to the right, the owner of this porch is able to play on their porch without worrying about warped boards.

Building a sunroom, covered deck porch, or patio with tongue & groove Epay decking is going to add value and years of stress free days to your life. No other wood is as beautiful and durable enough to match the brilliance that Epay adds to interior rooms.

Installing custom-milled Epay tongue & groove is easy. And, when you build any structure with this sustainably harvested wood, you’re also promoting eco-friendly materials that are also more affordable than ever.

The best part about owning an Epay sunroom, covered porch, or patio is that, once installed, you never have to worry about decay, mold, insects or any of the other problems that inferior woods are plagued by. So, if your goal is to rest, relax, and enjoy your space instead of slaving over it, then choose Epay wood.

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