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Standard Epay Decking

As you can see from the picture to the right... When installing standard Epay decking face screwing is the primary method for installation. Penetration of the deck surface can be kept to a minimum if trim head screws are used when installing standard decking.

Many people choose standard Epay decking when they want to build a strong and beautiful deck. There are many deck builders, designers and architects who use standard Epay wood in a whole host of applications including, decking, benches, garden bridge material, ceilings, and even docks.

When installing this kind of deck board, you’ll quickly see that what experts say is true. Thanks to the wood’s extensive benefits that include scratch, termite, and mold resistance, a deck made from standard Epay decking is going to give you years of joy and stress-free use.

Check out the Epay prices page to see what’s currently in stock. You will have access to premium grade & 100% eco-friendly deck materials at a fraction of the cost of the large lumber stores.

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